The Wedding Farmhouse is located in Macon County, NC, only a couple of miles outside of Franklin and in the heart of the Iotla Valley. The Ramsey family settled Iotla Valley in 1802 and our lineage continues to be good stewards of the property. Each generation has sought to keep the ‘fields in crop’, ‘cows to pasture’, ‘waters pure’ and the ‘woodlands rich with timber’. We wish to leave a legacy that honors those that have come before us making it possible to be caretakers of such beautiful, rich land and lead the way for future generations to continue its profitability.

    Our Ramsey ancestors initially began with a 500 acre plot of land and built two log cabins in the early 1800’s. At present, over 300 acres are still managed by the Ramsey heirs. In 1876 William “Sugar” Ramsey, a horse-trader and Rebecca West Ramsey, a well-know country doctor and teacher; built the Greek Revival architectural home that stands at the head of the valley to this day. They had two sons and two daughters, Lawrence, Albert, Ollie and Emma.

    The Wedding Farmhouse was built in 1922 and is an ‘American Four-Square’ country house. The home was initially built by Albert and then he and Lawrence, who owned the 1876 home at that time; decided to swap houses. Lawrence married Clara Hyatt and they adopted Roy and went on to have Bill and Emma. Clara was a school teacher who was educated at Western Carolina University back when it was just a teacher’s college. Lawrence and Clara gave the land for the Iotla Elementary School and Iotla Methodist Church to be built across the valley…then later, Clara gave the land for the Northeastern end of the Macon County Airport to be built. You can visit the church and see the same architectural details you will find at The Wedding Farmhouse.

    Emma followed in her mother’s footsteps and attended Western Carolina University and became a school teacher at Iotla Elementary School like her mother and grandmother before her. She married Charles Myers, whom she went to primary school with and who used to “pull her pig-tails”. They had three beautiful daughters; Marcia, Rebecca and Kay and watched over the valley with love.

    Today, The Wedding Farmhouse is owned by Marcia’s daughter, Dawn and her husband Dale. The acreage surrounding The Wedding Farmhouse is owned by Marcia and Rebecca and operated by Marcia and Kay. So much love and hard work built and kept this farm and property together over the last 200 years and we wish to share that same love and perseverance to all who choose to begin their marriage here. It is a sacred and much loved place, that is the inspiration for The Wedding Farmhouse.