• The Wedding Farmhouse offers an authentic Appalachian experience for your vacation that you cannot find anywhere else. The solitude, the views, the architecture and the experiences that you can have at the Wedding Farmhouse and the 70 acres that surround, will be among your best times. The 1922 American Four-Square Farmhouse has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a parlor, expansive kitchen, dining room, staircase and halls. The architectural details have been saved and each room offers its own story. The porches will have you relaxing into the sunsets and listening to the church bells from across the valley and to all of the night sounds.

    ...And then there are the RAINBOWS! You will wonder how it is even possible for a place to have that many?  The morning showers and sun will give you rainbows in the front fields.  The afternoon rain showers will spill rainbows over the house and beyond.  BUT when you also have seen Lunar Rainbows at midnight during a full moon, in the valley, and also a CURTAIN of rainbow in the front and side yards....it just gets ridiculous. In short, the Wedding Farmhouse is an experience like none other that you can find in the NC mountains!

  • The Master Suite - This king-size, incredible bed, will take you away to another time. Great-grandma Clara's wedding dress is on display with her double wedding ring quilt. The fuzziest of rugs will welcome your feet to the morning.  The painting over the bed was painted by candle light when we were first married. The chair and love seat were handed down by my aunt Kay. We do love the lilac paint....the afternoon naps will make you feel like you woke up on a cloud. The pink bricks that surround the fireplace were handmade.  It has views of the pastures, mountains and fields.

  • The Summer Room - This queen-size bedroom is just at the top of the staircase and is a very light shade of green. The bead-board, pink ceiling is just lovely and the hand-painted, Canadian poplar poster bed, has a vineyard scene with hummingbirds.   I painted the bed during college. Grandma had grapes growing below, just outside of the kitchen, so it seemed appropriate.  Grapes come into fruition in the Summer and the room is located in the southeast space of the house, hence the reference to summertime.  It has views of the northern end of the runway, mountains and the gently rolling hill and secret forest in the southeast.

  • The Autumn Room - This queen-size bedroom is the color of purple asters in early Autumn. The furniture was an Ethan Allen set Dale had as a child. It also has the instrument rack, because Dale loves to play music and he has collected them over the years. You will find Uncle' Roy's name he scratched into the plaster walls when he practiced his name as a young boy. It also has a coal-burning fireplace and rose-stained bead-board ceiling. You will also see where Uncles Bill and Roy scratched the wall to light matches!  This room is located in the southwestern space of the house, hence the reference to Autumn and has views of the forest edge, Western fields and mountains.

  • The Winter Room - Great-great Aunt Ollie Ramsey used to visit her brother, Great-granddaddy Lawrence for a month or two and when she came, she would bunk with my grandmother, Emma. Aunt Ollie bought a twin bedroom suite for the house, so when she came, she had a grand stay!  The room also has a coal-burning fireplace. Grandmother Emma used to tell the story of how her mother would put mason jars filled with hot water in the bed at night to keep her feet warm. This room is located in the northwestern space of the house and is decorated in blues and taupe, hence the reference to wintertime.  You will see the writing table and a beautiful note from cousin Hank is there. We love the quilts and lattice rugs that look so authentic.  This room has views of the runway, mountains and western fields of hay.

  • The Spring Room - The one double and one twin size bed in this room will make you feel like you have found the end of a rainbow with its delightful blue sky bead-board ceiling and spring green walls.  It has a stellar view of the northern end of the airport runway. You can see all of the fields and Cowee Mountain. This room has grandma Clara's second rocker and my other great-grandmother Henry's metal bed. It is located in the northeastern space of the house, hence the reference to springtime.

  • The Parlor - The parlor was the place for stories to be read and told...for worldly conversation and formal introductions. The family had an organ in there originally and would sing hymns together. The barn-wood frames out the pink, handmade-brick fireplace. The leaded-glass window is an ornate treat when you look into the valley and over the mountains. The poplar coffee table was made by Adam West and is the board that was used to cut the different grades of tobacco. There is a special small mirror that we found...it is the oldest of old and I imagine that all of my relatives peered at themselves in it. The spinning wheel was great-great-great grandmother West's.

    Great grandmother Clara had two of the rocking chairs; one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The bookcase has many of their original titles and were the merriest of Christmas gifts! Dale's tartan hangs on an iron hook he made while in college. The two handmade "egg" shaped lamp and water-fountain were made by a famed Mars Hill, potter and was given as one of my first anniversary gifts. One of the couches is in the shape of North Carolina, for me...and the other is in the shape of Georgia, for Dale!

  • The Dining Room - The dining room is where everyone enjoyed grandma's fine cooking. She made pies and dinners that everyone enjoyed. I tried to make it whimsical, so you can enjoy yourself enough to have belly laughs! The leaded-glass window is a treat to look through to the airport. The benches were from the barn-wood and the china was grandma's that Uncle Bill had sent to her from his time in Japan.  There are two quilt blocks framed from an antique quilt from Highlands, NC.  The sleeping porch is through the double doors and the space overlooks the northern end of the airport.

  • The Kitchen - The kitchen has a wonderful ceiling and stained glass light fixtures. There is a farmhouse sink on one side of the kitchen and on the other side is grandma Clara's mother's sideboard sink. Dale lovingly crafted it to fit into an oak cabinet that Great-Grandaddy Lawrence made for her.The stainless steel appliances make everything easy for caterers. The oversized window looks up the hill and gets the eastern morning sunrises.

  • The Upstairs Bathroom - This is our most authentic bathroom space. The slipper tub is original to the home and Dale made a cradle for it from the barn's timbers. It has my childhood dollhouse bathroom furniture pieces over the mirror. The 12 Gallon pickle pottery vat is great for dirty clothes and you can really relax and enjoy the stained glass in the window.

  • The Dressing Room - The Dressing Room is just beside The Winter Room. We put the dressing table from that suite in there and can imagine brides hanging their dress and getting ready. There is a fine view overlooking the Wedding Knoll and a bride could make her grand entrance down the staircase.

  • The Halls - The halls are the thread that connects all the rooms, so we wanted it to be warm and cheery. I love great-grandmother Clara's quilt on the staircase. I love to feel it as I come down the stairs. My grandmother Emma lovingly gave it to me and it is the center of the tallest wall in the house. It was made from everyone's clothes...so I feel like I can find comfort there. The wooden box by the front door was the "wood box" that kept the wood to burn. My mom and her sisters were always tasked with painting it, so I decided to splatter all kinds of paint in it for fun! We use it to hold shoes and bags. The native flower paintings on the wall downstairs were painted on cabinet doors.

  • The Front Porch, Views & Rainbows - The views of mountains, field, flora and fauna are just astounding from the front porch.  We have rocking chairs and a porch swing for those long conversations with kin and friends that you have been meaning to have.  The views are divine....but when you see all of the RAINBOWS, it will have you wondering how it is even possible for a place to have that many?  The morning showers and sun will give you rainbows in the front fields.  The afternoon rain showers will spill rainbows over the house and beyond.  BUT when you also have seen Lunar Rainbows at midnight in the valley and also a CURTAIN of rainbow in the front and side yards....it just gets ridiculous.

  • The Sleeping Porch - The Sleeping Porch is perfectly situated just off the dining room, through the french doors.  Here you will find a full-sized swinging bed and a TV for an 'outdoorzy' experience after dinner and beyond!  The South is known for having sleeping porches for those hot-balmy nights when you just wanna kick back and enjoy the valley's open sky and cool breezes.  You can see Cowee Mountain from this space and the eastern end of the runway.  We love to watch the planes come in from that direction...there is nothing like it!